The Old Spring Street, Melbourne Scientology Church

Scientology Spring StreetThe Melbourne Church of Scientology was first established in 1955, growing out of several smaller Scientology and Dianetics groups that had sprung up around Melbourne.

Owing to its size and popularity the Church, then called the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International (HASI), was headquartered in Spring Street, Melbourne, directly across the road from the Victorian Parliament building.

The first gathering of Australian Scientologists was held later in 1955 to a crowd of over 70 people. This was a milestone as the first large scale organised meeting of Scientologist’s from all over Australia. And it was only the beginning of one of the largest Scientology Churches across the planet at that time.

From these beginnings The executives in Melbourne worked to open up Scientology offices in other cities around Australia called “City Offices”, notably in Sydney and Perth.

With the formation of the official Melbourne Church Publication, Communication Magazine, the Melbourne Scientology parishioners were united, sparking a huge interest in Scientology all over Victoria and Australia. The fresh, emerging culture of 1950s Australia was wide open for change, and Scientology was at the cutting edge of that change.

A letter from one of the Melbourne Church executives to L. Ron Hubbard on the 14 April 1959 stated, “Perhaps the difference in Aussie is there is a lot of hope and many possibilities of succeeding in the game down here than elsewhere – perhaps – and also no hidebound old culture bogging them down – tradition, etc., (not to pooh-pooh tradition where they are useful and go ahead) but sitting on past glories (and failures) is no good. They don’t do that in Aussie.”

And so it was that The Church of Scientology of Melbourne was formed, and along with it, hundreds of people discovering for themselves what Scientology and Dianetics had to offer them. Groups were formed up – so many in fact that the Church Headquarters of the time had difficulty in keeping up with them all. Scientology was flourishing.


The Old Russell Street, Melbourne Church

Scientology Spring Street

The Melbourne Church of Scientology was located in Russell St in the Melbourne CBD, in what is known as the Paris End of the city from 1980 to 2011.






Scientology Melbourne, Ascot Vale

Scientology Spring Street

The Melbourne Church of Scientology's beautiful premisis is located on Mt. Alexander Road, Ascot Vale.

The property represents what we refer to as an “ideal organisation”. It has enough room to adequately deliver the services of Scientology in, as well as provide facilities for the administration of all of the Church’s social betterment programs, including the Volunteer Ministers, anti-drug programs, The Way to Happiness and others. The property has grounds for parishioners and local residents to relax in. The Church of Scientology is not just a centre for Scientology in South-Eastern Australia, but an important hub for the local community.

Any enquires regarding the Church’s property in Ascot Vale can be directed to the Estates Manager on (03)9654-8655.